Who are the Masons?

The Masonic Fraternity is the oldest Fraternity in the world. The Masonic Family includes Masons as well as organizations for their ladies, couples, and youth. Masons are looking for men who wish to become better men, who are interested in giving back to their community and in self-improvement. We welcome any inquiries concerning Masonry. The Masonic Family provides more than $2 million a day to charitable activities such as hospitals, youth scholarship and those less fortunate than we.

How Do You Become a Mason?

Lodge Officers and Members Association (LOMA)

The next LOMA meeting will be December 17, 2014 and will be hosted by Chehalis Lodge #28 in Chehalis WA


Lodge Officers and Members Association (LOMA)
SW-WA F&AM of Washington
Amended February 20, 2013

ARTICLE I – Name and Purpose

The name of this organization shall be the “Lodge Officers and Members Association (LOMA) SW-WA F&AM of Washington”. The purpose of this Association shall be to foster the fraternal spirit among the members of Lodges within District 16 and 17, Free and Accepted Masons of Washington. The organization will provide a means for the lodges to “unionize” as a body to have a larger voice in communication with the Grand Lodge FA&M of Washington. It provides the lodges in the district a means to correspond and work together as a team to assist in the total development of the individual members and Lodges to intellectually, spiritually, socially, morally, and physically benefit each other.

ARTICLE II – LOMA Membership

The LOMA is made up of all masons of the member Lodges of District #16 and #17 F&AM of
Washington and includes: Olympia #1, Harmony #18, Chehalis #28, Wynoochee #43, Winlock #47, Gavel #48, Grays Harbor #52, Centralia #63, Tenino #86, Robert Morris #97, Little Falls #176, and Yelm #244.

ARTICLE III – Leadership and Administration

- The President of the LOMA will be the sitting Master or his designated representative of
the Member lodge holding the meeting that month.
- The President of the LOMA is provided the opportunity to, and will preside over, achieving the agenda of each meeting. The agenda is required to meet the following criteria in order to satisfy the LOMA membership: Masonic related, Informative, Interesting and most importantly- Fun.
- Presiding over the LOMA meeting is defined as being responsible for developing an activity and moving the meeting loosely through the agenda. He will be responsible to ensure that discussions stay light, productive, are not redundant, meet with the pleasure of the LOMA membership and are captured in the minutes by the Secretary. He will be responsible to inform the LOMA members through the Deputies of the GM (Districts # 16 &17) of the minutes, location, and necessities of the LOMA members to achieve the agenda of the next meeting.
- The final meeting of each year, the LOMA will elect a secretary by show of hands of the member Lodges present at that meeting. A majority vote and desire to hold the position is required.
- The secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of LOMA actions, including overseeing
the taking of minutes at all meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to a representative of each member Lodge for their distribution.
- A quorum must be attended by at least fifty-one percent of member lodges present for business transactions to take place and motions to pass (there are 12 lodges; therefore 7 will need to be present).
- Each member Lodge of the LOMA present at a stated meeting will have one (1) vote towards all votes. Lodges may be added or subtracted from the district when the Grand Lodge redistricts, when a Lodge merges with another or when a Lodge is constituted.

ARTICLE IV - Meetings

- LOMA meetings will be conducted on the Third Wednesday of each even month of the calendar year.
- Meetings will begin at 630 pm with a potluck dinner and end at 9 pm.

ARTICLE V – Meeting Agenda

The following agenda will be loosely followed:
630 pm- Call to dinner
                   During the dinner the following agenda items may be discussed:
                    - Home lodge will Roll Call member lodges
                    - Home lodge will provide a joke~ 1-2 minutes
                    - Deputy’s message~ 5-10 minutes
                 - Each member lodge will inform on their activities since the last meeting and      activities through the next meeting~ 1-5 minutes each.
715 pm- Roll call of member lodges- Unfinished business of the previous meeting in
short form and business of the LOMA (issues to Grand Lodge/points of order to change
bylaws. ~ 30 minutes
745 pm- Home Lodge presentation and / or activity ~ 1 hour
855 pm- Secretary provides minutes in short form ~ 5 minutes
900 pm- meeting completed
901 pm- go home, hang out, fellowship, roast, LOMA is over- go home ~ TBD

ARTICLE VI – Amendments

These bylaws may be amended when necessary by two-thirds majority of the Member lodges present. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Secretary to be sent out with regular announcements.

These bylaws were approved at a meeting of the LOMA by a two-thirds majority vote on
February 20, 2013.
Secretary                                                                Date